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Arts of Sciences Laboratory LAPIS

This archive is still under construction, more images and information will be provided as it develops.

It was initially created in order to showcase the photographic outcome of a workshop organised in September 2022 between the laboratory LAPIS (EPFL) and the artists Nelly Monnier & Eric Tabuchi.

The images visible on this platform are here to give an overall perception of the built environment, in all its various shapes and forms, of the Val d’Entremont in the canton of Valais (CH).

The laboratory LAPIS investigates the processes of representing scientific thought by way of figurative tools offered by the artistic disciplines. In the fields of architecture and engineering, the expressive arts are integral to the development and execution of each project, from the moment when ideas and concepts take shape to when forms eventually find a framework stable enough to outlast the transitory condition of their construction.

The ability to transform ideas into images is an extraordinary expressive aptitude of human intelligence that has allowed us to conserve and transmit an astonishing heritage of technical and intellectual knowledge.

Teaching Team: Prof. Nicola Braghieri - Vasileios Chanis - Adrien Genre - Thomas Paturet - Marion Vuachet